About the Studio

Connor_ChelseaIf only making music was as easy as we were led to believe. I mean, I love my Mac and love how easy it is to record a song in GarageBand but somewhere down the line we were led to believe these recordings would automatically be pro quality. Well… it doesn’t quite work that way for a lot of reasons.

So you decide you want to record a CD but then what? The leap from paying nothing in GarageBand to shelling out upwards of $2000+ to professionally record one song is hard to swallow. I don’t fault the big studios for their prices. Amazing live rooms, loads of quality gear, and seasoned engineers and producers are actually worth their price. But is there anything in-between? That’s where Studio 403 comes into the picture. Still pro-quality gear and yes, I’ve studied audio engineering, but working out of the home has allowed me to keep overhead low since I live where I work.

ManChat_KitNow after recording others for a while I’ve come to realize budget isn’t the whole story. I’ve had more than a couple conversations with musicians who are surprised that I am actually more interested in helping them record a great song than collecting a paycheque – but yes I’ll still take the cheque! They are also surprised when I’m flexible in how I produce and engineer and with how I value their input and work collaboratively with them to help them achieve their artistic vision.

Reality is I actually enjoy working with musicians and I believe the recording experience needs to be enjoyable and encourage creativity. Yes, the tracks need to be recorded and mixed professionally but recording is far more than a science.

Don’t misunderstand, Studio 403 may not be a large studio but we can still deliver pro results and record your first or next commercial quality CD. Give a listen to some of my work. I love working with people from all different musical backgrounds and abilities.


Ian is passionate about music and his been playing one instrument or another since he was 5 years old. Though he comes from the post-punk era he really loves all styles of music and loves to be around creative people. He studied audio engineering through Berklee College of Music, The Recording Arts Centre, and the Audio MasterClass. He is an Avid Certified Pro Tools User. Ian’s been married for over 20 years, has 3 boys, and a mildly neurotic dog and lives where he works in Surrey, BC.

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