Alex_Lauten1Full song production

Whether you’re a singer/songwriter or a band the studio can accomodate your recording needs including pre-production (which can involve composition and arrangement as needed), tracking, mixing, and mastering.


Producer – Over the past couple years I’ve had the opportunity to produce two full-length LPs and a few EPs as well as individual tracks. The goal of the producer from my point of view is to help the artist to achieve their creative vision. Obviously there are challenges and limitations to this process. In pre-production we discuss the goal of their project and work out a realistic budget including a budget for session players if needed – I’m connected to an amazing network of pro players. We work on composition and arrangement as needed. During the actual recording sessions I help keep the artist inspired, focused, and moving toward their artistic goal. In post I work to connect the artist with the right mastering engineer to see the project completed to satisfaction.

VidyaTracking – We live in an amazing time where you may be able to track (record) much of your project at home but need help recording a couple parts like drums or the lead vocal. You can track those parts at the studio to take home with you (I save these as WAV files to make sure they’re compatible with your DAW of choice).

Mixing – Maybe you feel good about what you can record at home but you need a pro level mix. In the digital age the great part of this is you don’t have to live nearby. Online services like DropBox allow us to collaborate from literally the other side of the planet in no more time than it would take if you lived next door.

Mastering – Mastering is often called “the black art” in the recording industry. A simple analogy is they are the ones who paint the car and make sure it looks shiny and awesome. I actually always encourage artists working on major projects to get the project mastered at a dedicated mastering facility as I value what they do and it’s great to get a second pair of trained ears listening to a project. That said I actually do master the occasional project including the Rick Parnell Band’s latest release Next Time Around (which I also produced and you can find on iTunes).

Mobile Recording

Sometimes getting to the studio isn’t quite possible, especially if you have a live show you really want recorded. My portable rig supports up to 16 channels of analog IO with a Universal Audio Apollo at the heart of the system.


I started out on a 4-Track Tascam 424 PortaStudio to record my own ideas as a singer/songwriter so I totally understand the value of wanting and even needing to know a bit about recording even if it’s just to get down song ideas. With that in mind I offer private lessons in GarageBand, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools (I’m an Avid certified Pro Tools User).


Projects – The cost varies depending on the project. A singer/songwriter looking for a demo wouldn’t get charged the same as a band looking to record a full-production EP. Feel free to contact me to discuss the details of your project.

Day rate – The studio can be rented for $50 an hour (minimum 2 hrs) with engineer.