Recording Tips

It’s amazing what can be done these days at a fraction of what it cost even 10 years ago. That said, it still takes a lot of hard work and tender loving care to produce and record great songs. Being in a home-based studio has its unique set of challenges but there’s lots of help out there. If you are looking for help before you come to the studio click here. If you are trying your hand at recording your band at home and need help click here.

Here are just a few links to some great resources.

The Recording Revolution – his 5 minute tips are a good refresher or a great way to get started.

Production Advice – Ian Shepherd, a professional mastering engineer with 15+ years of experience, offers a pile of helpful hints from mixing to mastering and he has a heart for the home-based studio.

Groove 3 – this site offers some great tutorials on specific DAWs and even plugs.

Free Plug-ins

There are several very high-end companies apart from Waves that create some amazing plug-ins and a few offer free plug-ins (not demos). None of these plugs are overly exciting in themselves but they are great workhorses to help you analyze or clean up your mixes: Sonalksis Free G, Flux Stereo Tool, and Brainworx BX Solo.

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